Simple Human Health

Full Health is the simplest way and clearest way for employers, employees, health providers and patients to understand and improve their health.

Full Health Personal Reports

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Full Health Personal Reports convert complicated medical reports into something a lot more human.

By using plain English and simple icons, our reports transform complex lab data into a personalised analysis that spells out a person’s wellbeing. It also includes recommendations, action plans and advice. The goal is to make this report as easy and as clear as possible so that the individual can make informed health and lifestyle decisions.

It is the start of a process that can last that person’s entire life.

Full Health Corporate Reports

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Full Health Corporate Reports offer a unique overview of the health and wellbeing of a company’s employees. HR departments can now review clear, graphically illustrated and anonymous data that show the health risks present in the workforce. Using these reports, management can:

  • Measure Health & Wellness ROI
  • Introduce new health programmes & Accelerate changes
  • Improve CSR
  • Enhance ethical standards to ensure the health, happiness and productivity of its people
  • Make their company one of the best places to work.

Leading organisations will always be driven by the performance of their workforces, and a Full Health Corporate Report will help them to transform health and improve that performance.

Simple Human Health

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